Milano Pebble Accessories

We have created a range of useful accessories
for your Milano Pebble docking system including

  • iPod adapters
  • Coloured Invisi-Cases for iPhone and iPod Touch
  • iPod connector cables in black and white

In addition the iconic Pebble is available as an individual item in black/black or white/silver.

Why not have one for the home and one for the office, or one for iPhone and another for that trusty iPod Classic!



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Latest News

Milano are delighted to be supporting breast cancer charities in the UK by donating 10% of the proceeds from every special pink product sold.
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What's New

The gorgeous 'Pebble' dock, Invisi-Case and screen protector sets for iPhone and iPod Touch are now available.
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The gorgeous 'Pebble' dock

Coming Soon

...a range of premium products for the amazing new iPad.
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